Do This Always - How to Effectively Manage Constituent Correspondence

Kyle | February 09, 2017
We are one month into 2017, and the 115th Congress is already setting records! With a new administration, cabinet hearings, a supreme court nomination and unprecedented levels of civic engagement, constituents and legislators are communicating at th...

Jumpstart Your Congressional Outreach Plan

Kyle | January 25, 2017
It’s a new year and, as with any fresh start, it’s a great time to begin building a plan for the future. Truly powerful constituent outreach programs do not happen by accident; having a blueprint and being able to execute it is essential. The 115th ...

Cut Logging Time in Half with Automations

Kyle | December 07, 2016
There is one undeniable truth every Legislative Correspondent comes to understand: Congressional offices deal with mountains of constituent mail. Whether it's individual messages, massive advocacy campaigns or even digitized paper letters, sorting a...

5 Questions to Ask Before a Redesign

Kyle | October 26, 2016
With the Election rapidly approaching, many offices are transitioning away from 2016 and laying the groundwork for the 115th Congress. One of the best ways to strategize for a productive 2017 is to examine your web presence. Technology, like life, m...

Easily Identify Personalized Campaign Emails

Kyle | October 20, 2016
Email Campaigns from advocacy vendors have been around for years and generations of staffers have grumbled just as long about what to do with them. Volume is a big problem, but a bigger challenge is the variation. Some advocacy campaign emails are p...

Here, There and Everywhere

Kyle | September 21, 2016
Working in a Congressional office means always being on the go. Fireside21 understands the demands on your time and makes its services available for you anywhere you need them - even while you're away from your desk or outside the office! Whether yo...

New Feature: Batch Administration

Kyle | September 14, 2016
Earlier this year, Fireside21 kicked off the Second Annual Feature Frenzy - an opportunity for Fireside users to vote for which customer-suggested feature ideas we would spend time developing over the next year. The voting may have ended in March, b...

Farewell Summer Interns 2016

Josh | September 09, 2016
Farewell Summer Interns 2016 (photo from our Capitol Hill field trip!) Summertime means the Hill is a quiet place, so at Fireside21 our development team takes advantage of the lull and seizes the opportunity to crank out new features. This year we c...

Introducing the New Inbox for Fireside CRM

Kyle | August 10, 2016
Effectively managing constituent mail is one of the biggest challenges every Congressional office faces. Individual emails, massive advocacy campaigns and good old fashioned snail mail all adds up. Some offices regularly receive more than 1,000 piec...

Bulking Up Bulk Mailings

Kyle | June 15, 2016
When you want to create a proactive mailing to engage your constituents, the best way to do that is with Fireside CRM’s Bulk Mailing builder. You can easily set up a franked mass mailing or a 499 that will be delivered to constituents as email or pr...
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