2013 Top Dog

Congressional Contest


Dog-testant Name:



Rep. Thornberry


English Lab

Tricks and Interests:

I recently left my home in Music City, Tennessee to start a new life with my parents, aka "the roommates", here in D.C. While I will miss romping in the woods and rolling in the grass, I think this new life is going to give me a chance to pursue some of my political aspirations. Most of my days are spent in Rayburn helping my dad with tasks around the office. I love romps in the park fountains behind Rayburn and Longworth, playing with other pups in Garfield park, bowls full of ice cubes while my roommates drink mimosas, jumping in the ocean on recess vacations, and chasing squirrels on the weekends. But more than anything, I love a good belly rub. Don’t be surprised if you start to pet me and I quickly lay on my back. Please don’t let my size fool you, because while I may look like a polar bear, I am more like a big teddy bear at heart. Doggie treats are always welcome, and please, don’t ever hesitate to say “hi.” - Winston


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