2013 Top Dog

Congressional Contest


Dog-testant Name:



Rep. Issa


Cocker Spaniel

Tricks and Interests:

Meet Truman, a cocker spaniel South Carolina native who was adopted on September 10, 2011 at the age of two from the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue here in Arlington. Truman has developed quite the following on Capitol Hill where he serves as the Chief of Morale in a congressional office. He loves to edit memos and by editing we mean he tears them up. Truman is a master networker and enjoys bipartisan support from numerous offices who drop-by to visit him. His motto is “if you have a treat, you have a friend.” Truman has become the king of his castle and every squirrel and rabbit in Arlington County knows his name. He is a true watch-dog spending most afternoons napping or sun-bathing. But don’t let the adorable face fool you, Truman has another side as numerous stuffed animals - such as his best friend Camel - and newly placed plants have found out.


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