2013 Top Dog

Congressional Contest


Dog-testant Name:



Rep. Loretta Sanchez


Corgi/Terrier Mix

Tricks and Interests:

Bernie is an extremely lovable, loyal, yet moody and emotional dog. A"true" rescue dog, she stumbled upon my father's weekend cabin, nestled in the woods of rural Oklahoma, emaciated and homeless. After a visit to the vet to get her shots and spayed, she soon became an official member of the family. Bernie loves long runs to the park, getting to know other humans (but not necessarily other dogs), dog biscuits, avocados, Greek yogurt, and the Arkansas Razorbacks. She is extremely smart, knowing many words and phrases that sometimes when talking to her, you feel as if you're speaking to a human. Bernie also loves to walk all over her owner's face at approximately 5:30am every morning, even on the weekends. She is the #1 cuddler in the world and would be honored to be featured as a "Fireside 21 Top Dog."


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